From Heavyweight to Welterweight to Light Heavyweight

20 May

Me at 9%

A big part of what the Science Lab is about is changing what you THINK you know about health and fitness.  We focus on bringing out the best version of you, irrespective of your body fat percentage or how much weight you THINK you need to lose.  Click here for more details.

As you can tell from the title, I went from a heavyweight (boxing divisions) to a welterweight (the division that is so popular in boxing with Floyd Mayweather and Manny PacQuiao.  Just so you know, those guys are small in real life.)  In the picture above, I weigh 149 lbs. (down from 215 lbs.)  This was almost two years ago now, and since then I have put on a considerable amount of muscle (and yes, some fat as well.)  The problem with this picture is that I was weak.  By many standards, I still am, which is why I have mixed feelings.

Going from 215 lbs. to 149 lbs. is a life changer.  I have no ambivalence about that, but let’s be clear:  that was not the most athletic version of myself.  This morning, I woke up at 176.4 lbs. (Or in boxing terms, a “light heavyweight.”)  I will be pulling close to 400 pounds for reps today.  The 149 lb. version of me could not do that even once.  My wife didn’t have more sex with me as a result of this picture…In fact, nothing really changed at all when I was smaller.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 7.10.25 AM

Wait.  I take it back, something DID change; I was like “Fuck that.” and I focused on getting bigger.  I think I got caught up in other people’s ideal view of what my journey was about.  Don’t get me wrong; I went from 32% body fat (measured in a lab) to 9%.  There are a lot of people who THINK they are a certain percentage and get the bad news when they actually test it.  The reality is that nothing changed for that person.  When you get your body fat percentage tested often, there is a chart that measures obesity.  The chart is kind of bullshit for most people.  Certainly, if you are in the 40th percentile it’s time to go to work but when you are a woman at 29%, you aren’t fat.  The same goes for a man; in my last test I was 16% and I am certainly not scared to take off my shirt (#SOGO.)

All that said, I lost all that fat mostly fed.  Certainly, in the last month I dialed it in a bit and ate less FOR 3 WEEKS!  Other than that, I just did CrossFit and got better.  I can tell you this:  I think I was meant to be a light heavyweight.  I don’t care what the chart at the University of Minnesota says or what other people’s vision of me is or was.  The best version of Paul Nobles is strong.  I may never get to 9% again because of that but I can tell you this…If it ever happens again, my chest and ass won’t be as small because they’ve certainly grown. (OK, they could still use a little work…We are all unfinished products to a certain extent.)

FYI after writing this post I lifted 507 pounds, as a light heavyweight;-)

507 pounds

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