How to win a million dollars playing poker (the secret to life)

15 May

poker chips

“Practice” and analyzing trends is what we do in the Science Lab.  If you want to join us click here for info.

First let me explain to you what a bluff is, a bluff is a lie.  It’s a lie you tell your opponent and hope they believe that lie because sometimes there is the equivalent of a BMW in the center of the pot.  That’s not the important part though, the important part is do YOU believe? I was one of the first online poker millionaires when it was really hard to do because the stakes just weren’t that high.  Similar to Crossfit when I first started out it was a good time but losing wasn’t fun, winning was fun.  To win you had to lie but more importantly you had to believe the lies you were telling, otherwise no one else was going to believe you and your ass would go broke fast.  So basically what I did was I practiced.  Donny Shankle doesn’t “work out” if you asked him what he does every day to get better at Olympic Lifting he will tell you he goes to the gym to “practice”.  Whether it was live poker for 15 years before online poker showed up or online it was “practice” that allowed me to bluff (lie) convincingly.

When you are training to get better you don’t really know if you can do it, you THINK you might be able to accomplish a deeper squat or you THINK you might be able to do twenty double unders unbroken but you don’t know.  You are essentially lying to yourself that you are capable of doing things that you really couldn’t have conceived previously.

That’s the secret to life and really everything you ever wanted because until you can convince yourself that you are worth the chips in the pot that is the only way it really happens on purpose.  Certainly people get lucky occasionally but when you “practice” often enough it’s not luck anymore.

There are some basic truth’s:

1) First you must believe you are worthy.

2) You have to practice.

3) You have to believe with everything you have inside you, there can be no room for doubt.

4) Sometimes you have to fake it, you have to bluff yourself before anyone else can believe in you.

P.S.  sometimes other people won’t believe in you, they are just bluffing too, it’s up to you to decide who wins the chips in the middle.

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