Back in the Swing of Things…But Paying For It!

15 May


Shannon normally blogs about recipes, she is no longer new because she has been Crossfitting for 5 months but for all the new folks out there Shannon is your example.  If you are interested in having more support on your new journey join the Science Lab, click this link for info.

This past weekend was a really busy one for me…the last time I did a WOD was last Thursday (until today) and it felt like forever!  Dalton, my 15 year old had his annual mother’s day soccer tournament.  This weekend typically ends up with a disappointing finish, but his team this year actually won!  It was the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever gotten!  Unfortunately, I am paying for it in many ways…laundry, dishes, grocery shopping….Crossfit…..

I was so excited to get back to my routine of Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday WODS until I saw what the WOD was going to be today.

“Strung-Out, Backwards, and Upside Down Fran”  This sadistic WOD involves the following for time:

1600m run
9 Pull-ups
9 Thrusters (95#/65#)
800m run
15 Pull-ups
15 Thrusters
400m run
21 Pull-ups
21 Thrusters

I saw this last night and immediately cancelled my reservation and became oddly angry.  My exact words were, “Are you fucking kidding me?  Who the fuck thinks this shit up?”  Then I had a glass of wine.  I told myself that I would skip the WOD and do some hiking on the trails instead.  I was completely fine with this until Facebook.   Oh Facebook….what a wonderous creation!  One short comment on a fellow Crossfitter’s post and suddenly I am being shamed into going to this WOD sent straight from hell.

“shannon veeeeee……get your tailfeathers to the gym with me at 600!!”

“come on…get there….do it…don’t back out….here, take a sip, its just Kool-aid…}”

“so Shannon Vonkaenel you will be there right! Don’t be such a girl……. Be more……Do More!!! Thats gonna be why I’m going in this hotness!!”

Out of shear guilt, I sign up for the WOD for the 2nd time….I still have time to back out, it’s only 2:00…

5:00 rolls around and I still have not cancelled my reservation. I guess, I am going, but I am NOT happy about it.  We pull into the parking lot and I see my friend Swan who gives me a little cheer for coming…I sneer and give her a growl….I walk in and tiny little Heather is on the floor stretching.  Upon seeing me, she claps and gets a big grin on her face….I can’t help but smile…then Vicki comes out of the bathroom and gives a little cheer when she see’s me….

This is why I Crossfit.  It’s not the WOD’s, it’s not even the results, it’s the people and the unconditional support they give you.  They have been where I was today and they knew that I needed to go to this workout.  They helped me make it happen.  As for the workout…IT SUCKED!  Not only is it a REALLY tough workout, it was 90+ degrees outside today.  That combined with the blowing dirt and tumbleweeds rolling by us as we were running from the gusting winds made this workout one of the worst I had done…

Yes, I am glad I did it…

No recipe tonight – I promise one later this week, but I have laundry to fold and a 15 year old boy who is crabby as a teenage girl….

On another note, when you don’t want to do the WOD, just post that on Facebook…there are plenty of friends that will change your mind…..

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