Focus Experiment Daily Progress Post-Week 1

9 May


The eating plan I will be using is the one Mike T Nelson wrote specifically for the sports I do, Crossfit and Powerlifting. Click here for that information.

Day 1

Weight is at 171 pounds after carbing up for today’s work (Chipotle, double meat with white rice).  Didn’t do any supplements other than Melatonin.  Omegawave says I should avoid intense activity, there is almost no chance of that happening.  I feel great.  All other parts of the test tested well though.  Throughout this experiment I will be doing the woman’s weight for my WOD’s and then going heavy on my deadlift days.  Something has to give and I want my metcon to start recovering from my time off with my recent elbow injury.

I will be WOD’ing at 6pm with my wife and expect these plans to change occasionally because life happens and I will detail the adjustments I will make.

This is the WOD I will be doing.  I Mod my Toes to Bar because of flexibility issues and frankly I am pissed off at myself that I didn’t figure this out earlier.  I can do the bouncy thing in the video in the link below I just don’t have the flexibility to always hit the bar (usually once I find the rhythm I can get there once or twice out of 7).  Basically I just allow myself the mental freedom to get as close as possible because the speed and core activation is what is important for this movement.  So today I will be doing this WOD:

Day 2

Omegawave reading May 10

I ended up calling an audible and working out at 9:30am because I felt good and was ready to go.  My “readiness” according to Omegawave has been “Fair” since I got it.  I might have to throw in some hill sprints or something to get my met con to recover a bit after my elbow injury where I focused more on strength.  One of the reasons I am doing this challenge is to test my ability to recover using Progenex products.  My Crossfit workout yesterday took 21 minutes and afterwards I had two scoops of their “Recovery” and before bed I take their “Cocoon” product.  So all in all about 70 more grams of protein than I was taking, this in addition to steak and eggs for lunch and my Spaghetti-less Bolognese.  It wasn’t a super high carb day for me, sort of by accident so my weight went down to 170.2.  In general if my weight was 171 the previous day I would normally like it to be around 173 the morning I will be deadlifting.

For information on WHY I think the Progenex stuff will make such a big difference for this training cycle check out this article I wrote on why Hydrosylates are just a different animal.

Let me talk a bit about sleep because it’s an important part of this journey.  If you have sleep issues I HIGHLY suggest you look at the Cocoon product.  I have been taking it for about a week and I have had to wash my pillow case twice, it’s that kind of sleep.  I normally take Melatonin before my big lifting days but I am noticing a much better effect just using Cocoon, which has sleep aids in it so you can rest and recover better along with the slow acting protein.

In general I would say that I am about 85% (but I did just wake up, so I am not quite “pissed off for greatness” just yet).  Today is the second week of my Wendler training interval using 440 pounds as the percentage I am working from.  Today’s wave will look like this (the percentages are calculated off of 90% of your 1RM):

3 x 275 (70%)

3 x 315 (80%)

3+ x 355 (90%) I’ll know a lot more when I reach this level and whether or not I made a carb error.  On Tuesday I got 10 reps at 85%.

“Whatever legacy you are going to leave, leave your legacy.  But it’s found through effort.”

“Nobody can judge effort.”

“Because effort is between you and you.”

Day 3

I got 10 reps on my final set of Deadlifts yesterday so I felt real good about that.  They weren’t touch and go’s, I paused for 1 second, took a breath so I wouldn’t pass out.

I am done with the OmegaWave, the hardware is just not there yet, I may move to BioForce, Ithlete or Polar, not quite sure yet.  I’ll probably ask the group for help.

My weight this morning was 172.2 which would have been really good going into Deadlift day but not so great going into Jackie.  I am going to be writing a post on how to improve Cardio soon, I am not sure if I will be actually doing it until after this challenge but for now Crossfit will do.

Definitely felt some tenderness at the top of legs from yesterday’s work.  Tomorrow is definitely going to be a rest day and I am really looking forward to it.  Also nice to have a workout in the books this morning.

I didn’t quite arrive to the gym “violently” but it was nice to see all the faces I don’t normally see in the classes I attend.

Day 4

This will be a rest day for me even though I am feeling great.  This will also mark the end of the first week.  My wife wants to go on a hike but we won’t be doing it as “active rest” it will just be something we do that we like and will be leisurely.  Tomorrow is the last day of my second cycle, how well I do will determine whether or not I go up 10 pounds or 20 pounds.  Today I weigh 172.4, tomorrow I hope to weigh 175 or higher going into my big lifting day.  That shouldn’t be a problem with Mother’s Day on tap.  Tomorrow will be 375 pounds for as many reps as possible.  Should be fun.

I literally can’t say enough good things about Progenex’s Cocoon product.  Will have to do a post on it soon but wow does that help with sleep and recovery.  The active ingredient is L-tryptophan and it knocks your ass out for 8 hours and unlike melatonin which is hard to dose you wake up more refreshed.

In terms of looks I LOOK bigger, like a lot bigger.  People in the gym were commenting on it.  Not fatter but I am certainly not super tight at the moment.  Might add in a day of sprints around Wednesday of next week to try and get some of my metabolic conditioning back from my elbow injury.

One of the things you forget about until you start to push your body to it’s limits is just how much your body FEELS different when you do.  My lats feel and look heavy, my traps are exploding and there are so many parts of my shoulders and spine that just feel different, in a good way.

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