Extreme Focus Experiment

8 May


Paul Nobles writes most of the content for Eat To Perform and runs the Science Lab.  The basic idea of the Science Lab is to provide people templates and a support system that will allow them to achieve their goals.  Click here for more information.

From now until July 4th I will be doing an experiment with various parameters based on a conversation I had with a friend.  Recently I deadlifted 420 pounds for a PR, frankly the conditions weren’t optimal for a lot of reasons not worth mentioning but a PR is a PR.  There were 4 people that lifted higher than I did and only one was a similar size.  So it got me thinking, what could I accomplish in 2 months if I could put on some additional muscle.  Normally I train Wendler with Squat, Bench and Deadlift, I won’t be doing that for the next month, I will probably stick with Bench because it doesn’t detract from my Deadlift goal.  The goal is more than 420, so 440 is fine, hell 425 would be fine.  I also train with straps, I use a belt and I am using a trap bar (or hex bar) so I can focus more on driving from my heels and keeping my butt low.  All of these things for some reason people have an opinion on, which is completely fine but irrelevant to me.  I want to do something I could have never conceived of doing before and July 4th will be my two years anniversary of lifting.  That’s right, before that date I had never lifted a weight in my life.  So whatever I get to is a bonus.

How does Crossfit fit into this mix?

That’s a good question, I really don’t know at the moment but I am not planning on simply doing 20-25 reps 2 times a week and calling it good.  I will however put a large priority on recovery and rest.  Crossfit will help keep me lean and mean.

What a lot of people don’t understand about bulking is that it really comes down to the amount of adaptation you are forcing on to your body over a given period.  So the idea that I would need to eat an additional 3500 calories per pound is mostly irrelevant if it isn’t accompanied by a similar muscle skeletal stressor.  So the simple answer to both eating and working out is “does it enhance my goal?”

There is another question though, and that question is “can I do it without getting fat?” I don’t really have a goal per se of what weight I want to end up at in the end as much as I have a goal of not just adding weight irresponsibly.  So I will be Dexa Scanning along the way.

Other than the Dexa Scan I will be using Progenex for Recovery and my new OmegaWave Heart Rate Variability as a sign of when I might need a break.

Why I am doing this?

These types of things are always fun when you think them up and then life get’s in the way, so if that happens, oh well.  Until then I will be giving various updates on my progress including what I am eating occasionally.  I hear a lot of people saying “I have been doing Crossfit for 2 years and I am still struggling” I want this experiment to serve as an example of the value of extreme focus.

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