My thoughts on Camille as it relates to the Open

10 Apr


In last nights Science Lab seminar Julia Ladewski and I were talking to a Crossfit Games Competitor and I used Camille in the example.  I don’t know what the weight difference is for her from previous years but she seems both stronger AND more athletic.  So added weight isn’t always a negative as it relates to athleticism and specifically gymnastic movements.  For info on how you can attend these seminars online click here.

In this article I talk about how people that do Crossfit might not want to be completely shredded.

I was at a competition in October watching a few people from my gym and one of my friends said “wow, that guy is diced up”, I then said “cool, that’s one less guy you have to worry about”.  He was puzzled, the guy in question was strong as an ox and had great form but when you get that low as it relates to body fat it isn’t favorable as it relates to your metabolic conditioning.  The guy started out with a bang and I thought for a second I might be wrong, maybe he was an outlier.  Nope, getting diced up isn’t great for reaching your potential in Crossfit.

Which brings me to Camille

I think we can all agree she doesn’t look manly in this picture right? She also isn’t shredded.  Camille has been strongly pushed by Crossfit HQ this year and her progress is noticeable.  She came in 2nd overall in the Open WOD’s and she has to be a strong candidate to win the Crossfit Games this year.  She is noticeably stronger and more athletic.  When people think of Crossfit athletes they tend to think of bulging muscles and cut and chiseled abs.  It’s my opinion that Camille did so well in the open precisely because she isn’t diced up and if you are looking to increase your performance in Crossfit maybe the middle road is a better path for you.

Check out the article on Camille at WODTalk

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