Julia Ladewski video from Science Lab Ladies Class

31 Mar

Julia Ladewski

Julia Ladewski is one of top strength training coaches in the world.  She is also a powerlifter and figure competitor.  She is the lead instructor in the Ladies Seminars we offer in the “Science Lab”.   For info on how to sign up click here.

To follow the discussion easier we have time stamped and transcribed this session.

5 Responses to “Julia Ladewski video from Science Lab Ladies Class”

  1. Missy Frazier-Winefeldt April 2, 2013 at 10:59 pm #

    Around 28 minutes Julia is discussing whether or not females need carbs post workout and said to CBL the night before, wake up and train without eating, then have a shake post workout without carbs. Isn’t it beneficial to have some CHO with the PRO? I’ve always been taught the CHO acts as a catalyst/ transport for the PRO…is this not true or maybe just not necessary?

    • Paul Nobles April 3, 2013 at 11:44 am #

      It’s not necessary, protein has a significant enough spike to shuttle into your muscle. Whey protein as an example has a bigger spike than white bread.

  2. Missy Frazier-Winefeldt April 2, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    Loved, loved, LOVED this! A huge thank you to both you and Julia for doing this. I found it very helpful, but I also have a lot more questions now, too. Oh boy…I think I am going to try to be a part of the science lab. (Paul, please remind me…do I have to have the monthly subscription to be a part of the science lab or can I purchase products from your site?) I have such a crazy background with fitness and performance, I’ve had a baby, suffered from some major health complications and have been fighting my way back for the past two years. I also recently lost my father very unexpectedly and three months later my grandfather, so I suspect I am underestimating how emotional stress may be affecting my training. I currently do crossfit, but I am a runner by nature. (Nothing too extreme, half marathons are my preferred distance these days.) BUT, after watching this, I am really worried I am being counter productive by running 4-6 miles on the days I also cf. I also found myself relating to one of the last girls about adding 2-3 days of strength training to her crossfit. I love crossfit and am definitely stronger, but have not seen a change in body comp or on the scale AND I have noticed that I am not as defined as I was before I started crossfit. I have not yet tried CBL because I have questions about it as well. But I pretty much follow the zone/paleo recommendation by cf and I have been off sugar completely (sucrose, not fructose or lactose, etc) since the beginning of Feb.

    • Paul Nobles April 3, 2013 at 11:42 am #

      Yes, you can do either. Though the free memberships are only 3 months (you might find you have other stuff to buy as well down the road, not sure if that offer will still apply at that point however). So if you have something you need good buy, otherwise the monthly might be a better deal.

      What’s your calorie intake, have you used the calculator?


      • Missy Frazier-Winefeldt April 4, 2013 at 2:30 am #

        Thanks for the clarification! You and Austin Harris have convinced me..I’m buying CBL on Friday!
        Yes, have used the calculator and at -10% I should be getting about 2145. I definitely struggle to get that much every day. I am usually around 1900 most normal days. Days AFTER a long run or big lift day I am usually around 2300, but that is only one, MAYBE two days a week.

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